BIA is committed to making Historic Belhaven a safer and more beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy! BIA’s current focus is BRANDING, BEAUTIFYING, and SECURING our neighborhood. This will be accomplished with a combination of marketing; new neighborhood banners; new street signs; strategic landscaping; Mississippi historical markers; Grand entry columns; Secondary entry columns; and more to come… See OUR PROJECT  for details and to learn how you can help!

Belhaven Improvement Association (BIA) is a nonprofit corporation established in 1965 by Belhaven residents who were determined to improve and preserve this unique neighborhood. BIA’s primary objective is to preserve the character and integrity of this historic neighborhood and to develop a better quality of life for all its residents.

BIA is governed by a board of 15 directors. All directors live in the neighborhood and receive NO salary or compensation of any form. 100% of your donation is TAX EXEMPT – and literally every penny goes directly to BIA’s comprehensive beautification and security projects (link). When donating, you can even define where and how you want your donation to be used.


Reed B. Hogan III, President

Eleana Pope, Secretary

Amanda McGuffey, Treasurer


Board of Directors:

Frank Alley

Jack Allin

Lou Frascogna

Dave Fulcher

Joel Fyke

Ruffin Lowry

Garland Lyell

Bill Osborne

Stewart Swayze

Walt Wofford


Beautification Committee:

Reed Hogan III (Chair)

Eleana Pope

Jack Allin

Ruffin Lowry

Lou Frascogna

Molly Frascogna

John Lewis

Holly Gomez

Jason Buckley

Jason McDavid


Blighted Properties Committee:

Bill Osborne (Chair)

Eleana Pope

Merideth May