Embrace Her History – Secure Her Future!

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Beautify Belhaven!

We are excited to announce Belhaven’s Comprehensive Beautification and Security Project!  Our goal is to brand, beautify, and secure Mississippi’s largest historic district.  This will be accomplished through a combination of strategic professional landscaping, historic street signs, Mississippi Historical Markers, new gateway features, and security enhancements.  These elements will provide classic upgrades to the neighborhood while at the same time enhancing Belhaven’s historic character.



As Mississippi’s largest historic district, Belhaven is well known to both the City of Jackson and the state of Mississippi.  Belhaven overflows with rich history and is forever meshed into the fabric of the Capital City.  This logo will serve as the centerpiece for branding the Belhaven Neighborhood.  The simple, elegant design embraces Belhaven’s Historic character while emphasizing the beautiful trees that have been here since long before this neighborhood came to be.  You will see this logo throughout the neighborhood – on banners, street signs, entrances, vehicles.

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Elegant lamp post banners along Fortification Street will help to beautify this main corridor while also better defining the location of the Belhaven Historic District.  These banners will also help to brand the neighborhood as a beloved historic district.  BIA is working with other historic districts to promote and to create awareness of all Jackson’s unique historic districts.








Strategic professional landscaping will play a key role in both the beauty and safety of the neighborhood.  Initial landscaping focus will be at key entrances along the Fortification / State Street corridors. BIA has teamed with Hinds County and MDOT to beautify the I-55/Fortification corridor that is such a vital gateway to the neighborhood. Following installation of new landscaping, professional landscape maintenance crews will ensure continued beauty to key entrances and shared public spaces.  We need your support to provide continued maintenance and additional beautification projects – JOIN BIA today!




Belhaven’s original brick columns with street identification stone markers are long-standing historic gateway features dating back to the early 1900’s.  These existing historic columns were surveyed and used as inspiration to create new gateway features to beautify and define the location of the Belhaven Historic District.  Grand entries will be located at main entrances (Peachtree/Riverside and Greymont/Fortification) while Secondary entries will be located at peripheral entrances along State St and Fortification St.




Unique street signs are designed to beautify the area and promote the Belhaven Historic District.  These signs will complement the beloved Mississippi Historical Markers in look, make, material, and color scheme to further enhance Belhaven’s historic character.  Historic street signs will initially be installed at the neighborhood’s main artery streets.  Neighbors will then be able to “sponsor” their street signs and help spread signage throughout the entire district.




BIA was thrilled to receive approval for 12 new Mississippi Historical Markers through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) in April 2017! Previously, Belhaven had only 2 State of Mississippi Historical Markers (Eudora Welty House and Cotton Bale Battery). BIA is excited to work with MDAH and the City of Jackson to promote the unique history of the Belhaven Historic District. These markers will create a unique “walking trail” of the Belhaven Historic District for all to enjoy.  We hope to expand this trail into neighboring historic districts and create a great tourist attraction for the City of Jackson!





Security is a vital piece to this project.  Each element above – landscaping, beautification, defining a space, creating grand entrances – all improve security.  These enhancements show everyone entering the Belhaven Historic District that this is a community that is actively engaged.  Video surveillance is another great upgrade that will deter crime and protect our streets.  Cameras will initially be installed at key entrances with the ability to expand throughout the neighborhood.  BIA is working with other local neighborhoods to use synergistic platforms that can eventually be tied together for the enhanced safety of the whole community.





This project can only be successful with the support of those who love the Belhaven Historic District.  Maintenance of this project (landscape upkeep, irrigation for flowers, gas for lanterns, internet for cameras, electricity, etc) will be paid for by annual MAINTENANCE DONATIONS.  

MAINTENANCE DONATIONS are Tax-exempt and 100% of your money goes directly to this project!  There are no salaries or overhead…every cent goes to this project! 


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